Pirate Parties

What is a Pirate Party?!

I’ll arrive at your chosen location with me First Mate looking for new Crew Members (I had a ship full of ‘em but they weren’t fearsome enough so I made ‘em walk the plank!!) If your mini Pirates can meet my high standards of ARRRRRing and Shivermetimbering they could join me crew and sail the seven seas with us!

Firstly, they’ll all be given new swashbuckling pirate names and we’ll see how good their map 

We’ll pass the booty and get pirate tattoos and beards, we’ll see how good their balance is when they WALK MY PLANK…. Watch out for those sharks!!!
skills are blindfolded with my ship’s fate in their hands….. Then we’ll have to find me gold treasure that my bad big brother Captain Blackbeard has hidden!!!

We’ll play Freezin’ Pirates, Musical Pirate Ships and run the Pirate Relay…..

Concluding with showing me how fearsome they are as walk down my galley to be named “Best Pirate.”

Once they have shown they can live the Pirate life and take on the likes of our rivals, hunt treasure and leave the land lubbers behind they’ll eac

The Birthday Boy/Girl will also receive a Pirate themed gift from us! They will receive a certificate to welcome them to me crew along with a piece of gold to take on to me ship (or home!!)

We include all of the props, music, prizes, sweets, gift, pass the parcel, certificates and gold treasure so all you have to do is
put on a pirateworthy spread and decorate me ship (the venue!!)

Dates are booking up fast so message us for availability & prices!!