Princess Parties

What is an Awesome Themed Princess Party?!

1/2/3 (Depending on the size of your party) Princesses will arrive at your chosen castle or palace. (We have a variety to choose from including The Ice Queen, The Ice Princess, Rapunzel, Sleeping Princess, Princess Beauty, Slipper Princess, Snow White, Mermaid Princess & More....

We will hunt for the glass slipper & the lost treasure, we’ll run the Rapunzel Relay, we’ll race to wrap each other up like mummies with Rapunzel’s Hair!
We’ll also include the traditional games we all grew up on with a “Royal” twist as they play Musical Thrones, Cinderella Says & Sleeping Beauties….

We’ll pass the parcel & maybe Snow White’s Apple too!
They’ll see what it’s like to be a real Princess by popping their f
aces in our cardboard cut outs! (Due to height, best for age 5+)

Towards the end of your Princess Party the little Princesses will get to twirl down our red carpet and receive a certificate to say they are now a real Princess, but not before your Birthday Princess is announced as Princess of the Day & sits in our Beautiful Throne with her Birthday Gift to oversee the proceedings!

We include all of the props, music, prizes, sweets, birthday gift, certificates and gold so all you have to do is put on a spread fit for royality and decorate the palace!! 

Dates are booking up fast so message us for availability & prices!!