Superhero Training Academy Parties

What is a Superhero Training Academy?!

1/2/3 (Depending on the size of your party) Heroes will arrive at your chosen location ready to train your budding heroes in Strength, Speed, Agility, Stamina & Bravery....

We will build up those muscles and get them lifting our “heavy weights” in no time!

They’ll assist us in hunting for Superhero Treasure and use their agility to clib through LASER BEAMS!!

We’ll also include the traditional games we all grew up on with a “Super” twist as they play Superstatues, Smash Bumps & many more!

They’ll giggle as they get to try out their own Web-Slinging action and may even be strong enough by the end to SMASH down our brick wall!!!

At the end of your little Hero’s Training Academy they will all get to walk/fly/crawl down our Red Carpet and receive a certificate to celebrate the fact that they have become a real Superhero!

The Birthday Boy/Girl will also receive their own Superhero themed gift from us!

We include all of the props, music, prizes, sweets, gift, certificates and invitations so all you have to do is put on a spread fit for the super heroes and decorate the venue!!

We can also arrange for our male Superheroes to make a special appearance at the end for a supplement.

Dates are booking up fast so message us for availability & prices!!