Tower Princess Parties

What is a Tower Princess Party....
Our Long Haired Princess has been let out of her tower for the day and she's bringing her Mother to come and party with your little princess and all of her friends!!

A full 90 minutes of entertainment includes Running the Rapunzel Relay, see if Mother really does know best, find the crown of the Princess, capture those Rogues, climb through Rapunzel's Tangled Hair and lots more!

At the end of her Tower Princess, Party your little Princess will swirl down our red carpet and sit on her own throne to receive her birthday present from our Tower Princess.

Every Tower Princess party includes music, games, sweets, prizes, certificates for all & a present for the birthday child.

All you need to do is provide the palace & a banquet fit for royalty and we'll do the rest!

Tower Princess Parties are suitable for 2-8 year olds and for up to 30 in a hall or outdoor space and up to 10 for a Tower Princess at Home Party.